As an independent retailer, the best way to stay competitive and profitable is to have a steady flow of repeat customers AND a method to bring in new ones. There are many ways to achieve this goal and drive the new comer to town to your business doors.

One of the very best ways is the tried and true method of using direct mail coupons. Our "Hello! New Neighbor!" co-op (shared) envelope provides this valuable service for local small business owners that understand the need to market their business via direct mail but do not have the time, the resources or desire to do it all themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about how a coupon delivered in our huge envelopes and posted on our coupon site can help your business achieve better results, contact us today! Call your locally licensed "Hello! New Neighbor!" representative for additional information in your area. Click here to search for a rep your neighborhood.

Make your own coupon to test your offer now. Click here for a free completely customizable MicroSoft Word coupon template to start out with your own campaign. We have other designs but this one is easy to use and very popular. Once you are done with your artwork, research the web for the best database to purchase addresses and mail your offer to local prospects.




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