The “Hello New Neighbor!” direct mail co-op coupon program provides two exciting benefits to the community. First, the new to town neighbor receives the best of the area’s merchant offerings; some are exclusive. These offerings are for their immediate needs as they settle into their new home and neighborhood. Second, the program is an opportunity for a local resident to become a business operator. This person can now benefit from everything a home based business has to offer.

Our growth model depends on offering aspiring business owners the opportunity to own their own territories for localized services. As a territory owner, the local coupon distributor is free to run their business with our assistance, not our interference; it's easy and our service fees are affordable. If you feel that you might be interested in this opportunity, please fill out a preliminary application form by clicking here prior to bidding or buying. If you do not use eBay to secure your desired territory, the price will be determined at the prevailing territory pricing schedule.

We are also exploring an online version. Our online program (coming soon) is separate and enhances the merchant's benefits of signing onto the mailing program. The online program is included with the license for “Hello New Neighbor!” but can be purchased to use as a stand alone license. To join our efforts, you might want to consider becoming an Independent Sales Rep (ISR) for the Hello New Neighbor shared mailer program, click here to view the Craig's List posting. If you are interested in this opportunity, it is one that can lead to territory ownership.  



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