Have you ever needed a nice looking easy to use coupon? We did and as a result, our business was born! We searched everywhere for templates or designs and could not find one at all. Most of the "designs" were simple MS Word documents with basic bmps and gifs and no design treatment whatsoever. You can see our clean website only versions by clicking on this link. These will be great for business owners to send by email using a link.

As a thank you for visiting our website and considering our service, we will provide a really neat 3up coupon template formatted to fit an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper for you to use as you wish. We only ask that you to please keep our copyrights notice as a courtesy, better yet, start mailing your coupon with our local dealer.

You should consider printing the coupon on good paper especially if you're using an ink jet printer; your results will be much better using a color laser printer. Regardless of the printer you must set your margins to .25 on all sides of the page once you open the document, otherwise the template will not work and the artwork will not be aligned or printed properly. Please note that some personal printers do not allow this setting. Click here to download your free MS Word coupon template to customize as you wish. We can also customize the details of the coupon for you for $25.00 for the same style coupon on the page, once you have your coupon, we can update it for $10.00 now and then. If you wish, we can also post it on our website for others to find online, click here for example.



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