Currently, we are offering the business opportunity on eBay for those that are interested in owning a territory. The "Buy it Now" price is low enough so that anyone that is interested in this type of business will see the value and sign up to reserve the territory of their choice. Once a new dealer licensee is on board, the new territory owner will get the appropriate artwork for their territory to illustrate the city and state, replacing the "Any City, ST" terms in the example above.

We will not nickel and dime our licensed dealers with fees for every single service. The only ongoing fees are for hosting the licensed dealer files on the coupon website for the base level service, affordable design fees if required and our preprinted coupon paper and envelope stock. Higher license fees are for those who want a CRM cloud account and email marketing options.

Please understand that this is a start up business and we will all learn from each other's efforts. There are no ongoing license fees for those that get in on the ground floor via the eBay auction that was created to develop the territories.

One additional note is that this is not meant to be a get rich scheme nor is it meant to provide a six figure salary or make them wealthy. The opportunity must be looked as a part time job for a stay at home mom or dad; a retired individual that needs to spend more time on themselves or for a person that aspires to simply make a modest income.

The coupon's extra large to allow room for graphics or to place up to four coupons on the same page or to spread the cost of placing businesses in the system by sharing the entire coupon in quarter, third or half page increments. Click here to view a sample coupon. Online coupons may look different due to different browser versions and their display nuances. If you would like to see one, simply print the coupon on a color printer.




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