About us:
Hello! New Neighbor! began as a way for us to save money in our own efforts to promote a side business. We approached several nationally known coupon mailer providers and found the rates to high to sustain a local direct mail coupon campaign. We also found that the returns were not impressive due to the rates we had to pay; there had to be a better way.

As a boutique marketing agency based in Jacksonville Florida, the research and testing was easy for Timson Edwards, Co. and this new program was born. The "Hello! New Neighbor!" program was designed to answer the needs of small business operators who need to market their businesses to new local residents. We also wanted to create a viable business opportunity for individuals wanting to own a business that could be operated from home, effectively with little investment and quick learning curve.

This business model gives the operator the freedom to manage their time and efforts as they see fit, earn a living and help their local small business owners grow their businesses. We are not employers, we are a direct mail marketing agency at heart. To explore an alternative means of earning money, please click on the opportunity link below to learn more about becoming an Independent Sales Rep (ISR) in your area or starting up your own shared envelope with our help and branding - or with just our help and no branding.



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