Welcome to our HelloNewNeighbor.com site and thank you for stopping by. This is where small business owners can review the basics of our "Hello New Neighbor!" shared mail program and evaluate their potential for involvement. We hope to provide enough information to entice small business owners to sign up for our next mailing in their home town.

We mail coupon offers that are sent in extra large #14 envelopes via USPS First Class mail to select new to town homeowners. You can check out an actual (2 ad) coupon and print it on a color printer for best results. New to town homeowners are ready to explore local retail outlets and the best way to get their business is simply to entice them with a compelling offer; something extra - not just 10 or 20 percent off!

We want to help participating small business owners succeed. Our goals are the same, gain brand awareness and get new walk in business from our neighbors in our backyard. How do we do this? We offer excellent service, all the tools needed to be successful and reasonable rates - no nickel and dime fees. We include email and telephone support and provide coaching at no additional price. Curious? Click here to see some basic samples you can use based on our free MicroSoft Word templates. These free template samples are not our regular large coupon size but they are simple to use and fit in a #10 envelope. Contact me today to learn more about being included in our next very next mailing, my name and number; Alex Gonzalez 904.705.6806.



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