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Hi, my name is Alex Gonzalez and I'm in the start up stage of building my territory one local business owner and one mailing at a time.


Following is an overview about my shared envelope service for local retailers and consumer service providers. The name provides the basics as we greet new to town homeowners with great offers from local business. My territory is the central southside Jacksonville community and is boardered by Julington Creek, the beaches, Arlington on the north and the river on the western southside end of town. This area covers about 10 zip codes and about 200 new to town movers each month. Click here for the rates for the various levels of services provided.


Basically, the mailers are large #14 envelopes and they're sent First Class to about 200 new to town movers each month. These famiiies come from more than 260 miles away and are ready to learn about local resources for a variety of needs. We want to help our local small business owner to market their business to these new residents. How will we do this? We will offer excellent service, all the tools needed to be visible in a resident's mail box and even on their computer via their in box with email. We have reasonable rates and we will never nickel and dime our customers - ever!



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