The 4 main reasons people don't buy
your products and services.

1) No Need: 

When people don't buy from you, it's because they don't want what you are offering. They may need what you are offering and not know or acknowledge that specific need, but the bottom line is they don't want it.

Save lots of time, effort and money by targeting your coupon mailings to groups of people who have demonstrated they want or preferably need your product or service or a similar one and then mail your promotional coupon to them. One of the largest target audiences is the new mover from out of town. Follow this one piece of advice and you may become more profitable immediately. 

Examples of those who have demonstrated they want your products and services are: 

   - your own customers, 
   - your competitor's customers 
   - buyers of products and services that yours will supplement or complement
   - new movers to the area that need to restock or find local small business owners

This is known as "Targeting Your Marketing Message" to the buyer. Promote your business exclusively to people likely to have a strong desire for the benefits provided by your product or service thereby eliminating the "no need" aspect; coupons work. 

2) No Money: 

Businesses and consumers don't usually avoid purchases because they don't have or can't get the money necessary to purchase. They usually don't buy because they decide buying something else is more important to them (like food or a nice bottle of wine). 

You can get them to buy from you by making it clear to them that buying your product or service will get rid of something they don't want or will get them something they do want or will get them more of something they already have that they like having. 

It is your job to get your target audience to see that your products and services give or get them what they really want by overcoming the "no money" problem with hard to pass deals or finance options. Car dealers take trades on automobile and place the used one in the lot for a huge mark up on their investment. Why not take their trade and resell it on the floor or ebay? Consumers rarely avoid buying something because they don't have (or can't get) the money needed to make the purchase.

They avoid buying what you offer because they place a higher priority on spending money for something else. What is the most nagging problem you can solve for prospects in your targeted market? Make it real to them, explain how they'll feel when your product or service eliminates that problem. Why not use coupons to communicate how inexpensively they can get their problem solved with your offer? Coupons work. 

3) No Hurry: 

People tend to drag their feet after they decide to buy something. The longer they wait to purchase the more likely they are to forget why your product or service is valuable or even absolutely necessary to them. Keep your message in front of them with repetitive mailings. If you don''ll lose the business to the competitor who knows this fact and promotes themselves effectively and repeatedly. 

The reason repetitive mailings (or advertising) are so effective is that they remind your customers and prospects of what they are missing by not having your product or service working for them in their life. Have you ever noticed how often car commercials are aired? How about the local attorney's ads - even on the radio? I guaranatee, those owners are not throwing away their money. You can avoid losing sales because of "no hurry" by rewarding customers for taking immediate action and penalizing those who don't. For example, offer a special discount price or a special bonus for ordering or buying before a specific deadline. 

Do repetitive mailings to targeted customers and prospects and you will get more leads, make more sales pitches, close more deals and then you'll realize that coupons work. 

4) No Trust: 

Most people's fear of losing something is a bigger concern than getting something that they want. This fear causes them to frequently avoid buying something they truly want. They don't want to buy and then find out that your product or service won't solve their problem and they certainly don't want to feel like they've ripped off or still at a loss over the solution to their problem. 

   - You must take away their risk in doing business with you. 
   - You must provide a way that they can "trust" you. 

Most people fear losing something they have more than they desire gaining something they want or need. This fear causes many people to avoid buying something they really want. They're reluctant to buy because they might not get what they expect from your product or service and they'll lose their money. You have to remove this perceived risk to avoid losing business because of "no trust". If you don't over come this obstacle, they won't buy and your business will not flourish.

Here are 4 ways to remove the top risk factors we've found to be most effective for most small or local neighborhood businesses... 

   1) Eliminate the risk with an unconditional money back guarantee; studies show that redemptions are usually below 15% 
   2) Provide testimonials and references from satisfied customers that prove the quality and reliability of your product or service.
   3) Make it easy for your prospects and customers to communicate with you and get their questions and concerns answered.
   4) Let them see you and your business are real and that you value getting and keeping their trust and present and future business.
   5) Manage your social networks and profile accordingly, post your offers, post feedback, post thank you notes responde to reviews. 

In closing, these are the 4 reasons why people really don't buy from a given business, if there are others, then those are unique and belong to the operation or the actual product itself. 

A business owner can increase sales and profits by knowing the reasons and doing everything possible to mail coupons to the people and businesses most likely to want and benefit from your products and services. Make it clear to them how valuable the benefits of your products and services are to them; get them to see the urgency of getting the value of your products and services now. And foremost and finally, that they can trust you to help them get the benefits you promised that your products and services would give them. 

When you do all these things, guess what? People will buy from you like crazy. Coupons are a perfect low cost medium to overcome the 4 reasons people don't buy from you. Create and use them for everything you do to promote your business.

Use coupons in repetitive mailings and make your business soar and don't ever forget that -

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